GOLDEN OASIS, qualified Building Maintenance and Manpower Services:

The professional services cover the areas of Building maintenance services, Annual maintenance contracts (AMC) skilled and unskilled manpower services.

Many of the amenities are world class, now you need professionals to maintain these. To ensure all amenities are operational throughout, you need skilled, knowledgeable, experienced people to maintain and keep them at prime condition.

We never compromise on quality, Be a small repair work or a big renovation work, we give equal importance and complete the job on time with outmost care.

We provide a wide range of services so that you don’t have the headache of dealing with ten specialists for ten different jobs. We are the specialists in every aspects of building maintenance.

We also provide Quality, Cost-Effective Manpower on Long and Short Term Basis. We can support you with the best top, mid and lower level workforce on a short, medium, or long term basis. We take care of the paperwork and send qualified employees to your doorstep, ready to hit the ground running, whenever you need them. When working with us, you can look forward to speedy service, excellent employee quality, and flexible hiring options. Moreover, worries about compensation, insurance, labor law and accommodation are things of the past, We handle all your human resource requirements so you don’t have to.